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Connie Vaillancourt

Horses have been a part of Connie’s family/life since she was 4. When she was 9, a little pink colored horse, just a baby himself, chose her as his person. She named him Cloud, aka ‘Silver Lining.’ They literally grew up together and have an amazing bond and partnership.


Connie had been successfully showing/competing since the age of 14. She spent a number of years riding as a hunter/jumper. For the last 6 years her focus has been on classical dressage. Connie and Cloud are currently working towards their next adventure, Eventing!


Connie is a voracious learner, always looking to grow as a rider and as an instructor. She is a giving, kind individual with so much passion and optimism, it’s contagious!


She has a special gift for helping you focus on your successes while teaching you how to build on them and grow, there are no bad rides with Connie, they are all always educational and fun.


When not training or teaching, Connie works in Physical Therapy, which has taught her a great deal about how the body moves and performs, something she has found incredibly helpful in improving her own riding and helping others become better riders.

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