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Erin Langan

Erin, co-owner of RHS, has been an avid rider since the age of 6. Currently, she and her partner Dalton (aka “D-Man”) are successfully competing at the Prelim level [Eventing]. As a student she worked for 4-Star professional rider Doug Payne and worked at multiple stables where she accumulated a great deal of knowledge and experience. Erin has since become an exceptional horsewoman in her own right.

As an instructor/trainer, Erin specializes in training you and your equine partner as a team, she is very skilled at helping you discover what works for both of you and how to build on that. She is extremely knowledgeable and amazingly generous with that knowledge. With a quiet, gentle guidance, and no pressure, she has a special talent for bringing out the best in both horse and rider. She also emphasizes the importance of having fun, riding takes hard work and dedication, but she will remind you that it is also always supposed to be fun!

As a trainer, her main focus began with rehabilitating and training Off-The-Track-Thoroughbreds (OTTB), she has expanded that to rescue and rehab of all breeds. When not riding, competing, training, teaching, caring for the horses or cleaning stalls she is focused in the field of research, her current work includes stroke studies at UMass Medical School and working towards a masters in animal science with a heavy focus in equine nutrition.

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