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Lesson Program

The RHS lesson program is designed to offer a complete riding experience. From beginners of all ages to students competing at schooling and rated shows, RHS offers a high-quality riding experience. Our licensed, professional instructors are committed to providing students with a foundation of skills focused on safety and fun. Our philosophy focuses on good horsemanship and total horse care, we believe that horseback riding is about more than riding. We focus on teaching our students the entire handling process in addition to the riding portion. This includes, but is not limited to, how to lead, groom, tack up, ride and cool down (and how to blanket when necessary).

Private Lessons ($60)

Private lessons are the best way to start, it gives us a chance to really work with beginners or those re-entering the riding world to build confidence, evaluate skill level and outline goals.

Group Lessons ($50)

When appropriate, RHS offers group lessons for more experienced riders who share a similar skill level. Group lessons allow more on-horse time as well as the opportunity to learn both by doing and by watching.

Special Classes and Clinics ($ Varies)

RHS offers a special series of jump classes and hosts dressage clinics with guest instructors on a regular basis. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for dates and times of these events!



RHS offers on-site licensed instructors:
Connie Vaillancourt

Erin Langan
Jill Truitt-Langan
Sydnee Gallant


Please contact us so we can learn more about you and your horse experience to fit with the right instructor and horse!

Cancellation Policy

Please notify by phone, text or email 24 hours in advance or lesson fee will apply.

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