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Kyle Fossey

Kyle, co-owner of RHS, will most likely be found fixing things around the barn and keeping the property in tip top shape. As you can see in the image here, he was pretty much born with a tool in his hand! If you’re looking for Kyle and you don’t hear (depending on the season) the snow blower, a tractor, some power tool or the lawn mower running, listen for the weed whacker!

He typically prefers riding bikes and tractors than horses, however, Kyle grew up around these amazing creatures and is really great at and very much enjoys taking care of them (and they really like him as well). With some encouragement and the right mount, Kyle is up for the challenge and fun of a trail ride now and again.

When not fixing, improving or upkeeping the property, Kyle, who has a degree in mechanical engineering, specializes in product design, development and project management.

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