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Robby Hill Stables is located in beautiful and tranquil Hubbardston, MA on 37 acres of open and wooded land. The property currently has 1+ acres of fenced pasture with plans to expand for added space.  The main barn has 15 12' x 12' spacious stalls. A 70' x 120' indoor riding arena and a 100' x 200' lighted outdoor arena for year-round riding.  A trail system connects to the backside of the property for relaxing trail rides.

All paddocks have access to clean water throughout the year with 2x Nelson auto water systems and 4x heated 100 gallon water tanks (all are heated during the colder months).   

The barn is equipped with a bug spray system to keep down flies for the comfort of the horses as well as our riders.  Additionally we use predator system and standard traps around the manure pile and paddocks to further reduce the chance of pesky flies.

Facility Highlights:

  • 70' x 120' Indoor Riding Arena

  • 100' x 200' Outdoor Riding Arena (with lights)

  • 15 stall main barn with 12' x 12' stalls each with a window

  • Heated outdoor water

  • Trail system off backside of property

  • Bug spray system (in 15 stall barn)

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