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Meet Our Horses!

Behind every rider is an amazing horse (or horses), each with their own unique personalities, qualities and abilities. Some are serious and pensive, some are goofy and mischievous with a definite sense of humor, all have huge hearts and so much to offer!

Riding isn’t a passenger sport, it’s a team sport, a partnership! You will learn something invaluable from each of our horses, because each has their own particular buttons and something different to teach you.

Some of these wonderful equines are available for sale or lease. All are schooled on a regular basis and some are being competed. (And all love attention, aka affection, and treats, don’t forget the treats!)

This handsome guy is Dempsey. He’s 8 years old, 15.3 HH Thoroughbred. Erin and Jill have raised and trained him since he was 3 months old. He is a sweet in-your-pocket kind of guy who loves to work. He’s been schooled in dressage, educated in WTC, leg yields and simple changes. He does low-level jumping, loves trail riding, will go over bridges, through water and pretty much any terrain presented. He is quite athletic and has a lot to offer a confident, experienced rider and would be considered for lease or purchase to such a rider.



This practical joker hiding behind the tree is Deus and yes, he is a bit of a clown as well as super sweet, he will make you laugh and he is always a pleasure to ride! Deus is a 7-year-old, 15.3 HH licensed Oldenburg. Erin and Jill have raised and trained this amazing guy since he was 2 weeks old. He’s consistent no matter what time off he may have. He’s schooled in dressage, educated in WTC, leg yields, simple changes, shoulder in, haunches in and jumping small courses. Deus also loves trail riding, by himself or with others, he does bridges, water and pretty much handles all terrain with ease and confidence. Deus is available for lease or purchase if the fit is right.

This cute guy surveying the paddocks through the tree is Cloud. He is a PMU that we think has some quarter horse in him, no matter, we know for sure he is amazing! Cloud is 16 years old and 15 HH, he belongs to RHS instructor, Connie. She has raised and trained him since he was 3 months old and she was 9! He is one of the steadiest mounts out there, he is unbelievably sweet and goofy and a seasoned lesson horse. He will take care of you, but he will also teach you tons. He’s one of the most consistent rides no matter if he has time off or the wind is gusting like crazy, yeah, he’s that horse! Cloud loves trail riding, he’s been schooled in and competed successfully in hunter/jumper shows and in dressage (educated in WTC, leg yields, simple changes) and jumps small courses. He and Connie are currently training to do Eventing. He’s an all-around kind of guy also available for lease if you bring the right treats!



This sweet looking fella is Oliver. Ollie is one of RHS’s rescues, and he is as sweet as he looks. He is a handsome chestnut and white paint about 16 years old and 15 HH. Ollie is currently being evaluated and brought back to work and will become available for lease and lessons once he has been fully rehabbed.

This lovely lady is Rietta, she was rescued by RHS along with Oliver. She has the sweetest eyes ever and a beautiful black and white coat. She is about 16 years old and 15 HH. Etta has been successfully brought back to work and has been a great addition to the lesson program. She is available for lease as well.


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